Laxatives – Everything You Need to Know about Laxatives

Factors like an unbalanced diet that lacks fluid and fiber, pregnancy, stress and travel all contribute to constipation. When you face a difficulty in emptying your bowel contents and poop less than three times a week, you know that you are constipated and thus start seeking laxatives to solve your dilemma.
Before making your pick, check out the next information about different types of laxatives:

1. Oral Stimulant Laxatives : These usually contain herbal ingredients that stimulate contractions in the colon. Oral stimulant laxatives have a fast effect but come with side effects such as nausea, urine discoloration, cramping, belching and diarrhea.

2. Bull-forming Laxatives : In case enhancing your diet was not effective to defeat constipation, the next options that medical practitioners provide are laxatives that contain fiber such as psyllium. Side effects of such laxatives include cramping, bloating and gas. You can prevent these side effects by drinking a lot of water and increasing your fiber intake.

3. Emollient Laxatives : Emollient laxatives are stool softeners which moisten stool to facilitate defecation. If taken as an oral liquid, they may cause throat irritation, cramping, diarrhea and stomach pain.

4. Osmotic Laxatives : Laxatives that contain sodium biphosphate or magnesium salt work by absorbing water make stool softer and bulkier and trigger contraction of intestinal muscles. Thirst, nausea, bloating, gas, diarrhea and cramping are side effects of osmotic laxatives.

5. Lubricating Laxatives : Laxatives with glycerin and mineral oils lubricate stool and facilitates its escape from your bowels. You should take care to limit the use of lubricating laxatives as they reduce the absorption of some medications and fat soluble vitamins. Hence, make sure the laxative of your choice doesn’t contradict any medications you take.

Try to drink more water, exercise more and eat yogurt and prunes before resorting to laxatives to regulate your bowel movement naturally.
Laxatives - Everything You Need to Know about Laxatives

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