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Ladies, find out how to lose weight

Yes, there is a difference between men and women in losing weight some of these differences are biological and the other are behavioral. For example, ladies are more emotional than men, which put them at risk of eating more.

So, this is my first advice to you my lady, don’t lose control over your food and pay attention to what you eat when you are stressed or in a bad mood. Try to do some mediation when you are tiered or stressed, it will help you a lot.

Do some strength training at least for 30 min, as studies proved that strength training stimulate your metabolism to rise more than the aerobic exercises. Having breakfast everyday also stimulate your metabolism rates, so make sure not to skip it. Not eating enough food gives reveres results, it slows down your metabolism rates which make fat burning process much slower.

Rearrange your kitchen and keep all the unhealthy foods away and replace them with healthy alternatives like, fresh fruits and make sure to keep a water bottle around you all the time. Speaking of water, studies proved that drinking three to four glasses of water daily will make you feel full and eat less.

Don’t put your phone near you and don’t watch TV when you are eating so, you can pay attention to your food intake during meals. If you want to help your self to lose more weight, keep a food diary and write down everything you eat. Don’t stop moving, do some activates instead of sitting down and watching TV, you can talk a walk, move around in the house or even do some house cleaning.

Getting good sleep is always important to lose weight, sleeping for seven or eight hours daily would be great. Drinking green tea and coffee will help you a lot to lose more weight, but remember to add less sugar and go for black coffee instead of latte for example. Try to avoid having dinner a lot at restaurants and cook your meals at home. Give yourself a reward once every weak and eat heavy foods. Some medication can make you gain more weight, so talk to your doctor about it if you have any concerns.

Ladies, find out how to lose weight

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