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Do you know what are the causes of headache?

Headache is not a disease by itself. When you suffer from headache, it means that there is another problem that causes headache. Headache may come as a result of having sight, or teeth, or stomach problems, or you may have anxiety or stress. Here is more information about the causes of headache.

– Stress: Anxiety, tension and stress are considered one of the most important causes of headaches. Thus, you should try to get some rest, as well as mental and psychological relaxation. This will be the ideal treatment for headache if it happens due to stress and tension.

– Noise: The prolonged exposure to loud sounds and noise can also lead to headache. Therefore, you must be careful not to stay much around noise or you can use earmuffs to reduce the sound.

– Irregular sleep: The irregular sleep and not getting enough sleeping leads to headache. Thus, you should sleep well about 6-8 hours, and adjust the bed time and avoid eating before sleeping.

– Using certain medicines: Some medicines have side effects like dizziness and headache. You should stop any medicine that causes you these symptoms and consult your doctor immediately.

– Strenuous exercises: Some exercises especially strenuous ones lead to inflammation of the blood vessels in the head and neck.

– Lack of exercises: On the other hand, lack of exercises and physical activities lead to headache. However, you should consult a fitness specialist to help you choose the suitable exercises for you.

– food allergy: Some foods and drinks like coffee, tea, cheese and chocolate sometimes cause headache and dizziness as they stimulate the neurotransmitters in the body.

causes of headache

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