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Do you know these information about sleeping?

There is much information about sleeping that most of us don’t know. For instance, most of us don’t know what the relationship between sleeping and losing weight is. Also, we are not aware of the proper period of sleeping that our bodies need. You will find these information and more in the article below.

– Concerning sleeping and weight relationship, it has been proven in a study that women who sleep less than five hours put on a big amount of extra weight. On the other hand, women who sleep well about seven hours or more did not gain weight like the others who sleep little.

– Sleeping too much is not healthy. When you sleep too much your body’s ability to use insulin is affected which may lead to the onset of diabetes. Also, the sufficient sleeping is eight hours daily to avoid depression, stress and high blood pressure.

– Counting sheep is a silly idea that won’t help you fall asleep. On the other hand, it is very boring and it will make you begin to think about other things anyway.

– Drinking alcohol will not help you sleep better. Even if drinking alcohol may make you feel dizzy and you may sleep faster, but it will be a kind of restless sleeping that you wake up again during the night.

– Our bodies are programmed to sleep twice a day. Most of us take one deep sleep at night and forget about taking a nap. This leads to the decreasing of energy level after lunch.

information about sleeping

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