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In this world, there are two types of people: those who believe things happen to them and those who can make things happen. The first type is convinced that the outcome of their careers and lives lies in their own hands, while the second type is pretty much like those who wait for the bus to take them somewhere.

Studies have shown that people who are confident in their abilities and feel they can control the events in their lives end up doing better on almost every measure of work performance.

Such “Empowered” individuals do the following: give better customer service, sell more than other employee, adjust better to new assignments and take much more annual income. According to the studies, what makes the Empowered special is that they do not get overwhelmed when things get tough. Just like any of us, the Empowered feel anxiety and stress when hard times hit, but they react differently.

Since they believe they can control the outcomes in their lives, their stress fuels persistence in lieu of trepidation, passion over pity and drive instead of despair. They refuse to wave the white flag, and they redouble their efforts.

Due to their ability to remain calm under pressure and manage their emotions, the Empowered outperform anyone else. According to research, 90% of top performers remain calm and in control because they are skilled at managing their emotions in hard times.

Actually, anxiety is a necessary emotion, as performance peaks with moderate levels of anxiety. The trick is to keep your anxiety/ stress within optimal levels to achieve high performance. You lose your ability to cope with stress, once you lose self- control, and it becomes harder to keep yourself out of stressful situations.

Fading self- control is scary, especially when you consider that stress contributes to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and it is linked to decreased cognitive performance, depression and obesity.

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