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Do you know that gut bacteria can influence our weight?

A new study suggests that our genetic makeup defines the type of bacteria living in our gut which can affect our weight; this study builds on a previous concept that our weight can be influenced by our genes. This result opens the door for personalized probiotic treatments that can reduce the chance of obesity.

It is found that there is a certain kind of bacteria that is more common among low weight individuals. When this type of bacteria is introduced to the mice guts, these mice gained less weight than those that did not get the bacteria, although they were fed a high- fat diet for some weeks.

This proves that increased amount of these bacteria in the gut helps to prevent obesity by reducing the food intake. The new findings reveal that the abundance of that specific type of microbes in our gut is influenced by our genes, and this is an exciting new target for treatments aiming at fighting obesity.

Lots of people do their best to lose weight, but sometimes it is not enough to reach their goal, and this new revelation can really help them.

Now, a question arises “Can we manipulate the gut microbiota to promote health?” As a matter of fact, we have to wait for the FDA approval to test the modified bacteria on humans after testing it on mice; of course there will be additional safety measures before the human trials.

Despite the exiting results, researchers need to make sure that these bacteria cannot cause harm. A professor of Chemistry & biochemistry at the University of Colorado says that naturally occurring bacteria in the gut can influence body weight, as he himself lost weight after taking antibiotics that changed the microbes’ composition in his gut making him lose weight significantly.

gut bacteria can influence our weight

Do you know that gut bacteria can influence our weight Do you know that gut bacteria can influence our weight

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