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Can a couple be too different to have a good marriage? Phrases like “We have grown apart” and “We are too different” are extremely lethal, though they sound so innocent. There many small factors that can get in the way of a thriving marriage; every couple should be on the lookout for the next relationship killers:

– The number one stress element for most couples has much to do with the relationships around them. The role of your parents, siblings and friends changes the moment you get married because with your marriage
you have chosen to put your spouse above all others. Many couples are struggling due to the lack of priorities, finding themselves pulled by everyone apart from each other. For healthy marriages, couples should learn to choose one another above all others.

– Lack of communication is very dangerous – it is easy to get drifted away by the busy life, but remember that a quality conversation on daily basis is important to keep communication with the one you love.

– Taking your stress out on your spouse – whether stress is due to job loss, financial problems or illness, healthy couples use it to pull them together by sharing it with one another and relying on each other.

– Technology is another dangerous relationship killer – with our phones and social media, our time is slipping away into the inanimate. Unplug and shut down to spend more time with your spouse.

– Selfishness – a healthy marriage is based on unselfishness because marriage is all about “we” vs. “me”, not “him” vs. “her”.

– Unforgiveness and holding on to our hurts wreak havoc on our lives. Forgiveness is about freeing ourselves and having the opportunity to receive healing from God who forgives us all the time.

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