Know More about Your Health by Your Feet

If you ever notice something odd about your feet, you should realize that it could be a sign of another underlying health issue. Did you have any idea that your feet can expose so much about you? Here are some symptoms your feet can give about your health:

Numb Feet : Numbness in the feet sometimes indicates diabetes. High blood sugar levels affect your nerves causing peripheral neuropathy and a numb sensation.

Red, Hot, Swollen Big Toe : If your toe swells up and turns unbelievably painful and red, you may be suffering from Gout. Gout occurs when a person is consuming a high amount of uric acid in their diet.

Tip of the Toe Pointed Upwards : If you notice that occurring to one or more of your toes, you may have something wrong in your heart, lungs or gastrointestinal area. Check with a doctor for the problem may be as serious as lung cancer, Crohn’s disease, pulmonary, lung, or heart diseases.

Hair on Your Toes Fall Off : Disappearing toe hair indicates poor circulation. Poor circulation can be a sign of something wrong going on in your heart.

Fragile Toenails : A case of brittle toenails is usually an indication for vitamin deficiency, usually vitamin A and D. Also magnesium, calcium and essential fatty acids deficiency could be the cause.

Cramps or Charley Horse : If you get cramps and charley horses often, it may be an indicator for dehydration or potassium deficiency. It could be easily treated by drinking a lot of water and eating banana before working out.

Tiny Holes in your Toenails : Psoriasis usually results in pitted toenails. It may also thicken your nail and turn it yellow or brown.

Burning Feet : A burning sensation in your feet may be a sign of neuropathy, or nerve dysfunction. Causes usually vary from diabetes to vitamin deficiency.
Know More about Your Health by Your Feet

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