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Did You Know That These 6 Things Should Never Be Put in Your Fridge?

In this day and age, fridges have become a major necessity. They save your money by being able to buy things in cheap large quantities instead of pricy little ones. They save your time by making you able to get your groceries once a week instead of a tiring daily trip. However, there are things that should not be stored inside your fridge, such as:

1- Tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce and other similarly hot sauces need not be preserved in the fridge. For your information, hot sauces and spicy foods are natural preservatives that do not need low temperatures to stay edible. They can be stored above your kitchen shelf for a long time, years even.

2- Potatoes. For a popular food such as potatoes, storing in the fridge is not really that necessary. It is not like you are going to leave them laying around for a while before cooking them. Besides, storing potatoes in your fridge changes its taste and texture. Just put potatoes somewhere with enough air circulation.

3- Bread. Well, I know already that bread can go stale or bad quickly, but even though you cannot store it in your fridge. It will dry up and absorb odors from the things around it. Your best bet is storing it in the freezer and microwaving it when you need to, although that might not be possible for all types of bread.

4- Onions. Onions are another kitchen stable that only needs a dry airy well lit area to be preserved for 2 to 3 weeks. Also, onions are known for their unpleasant odor that can be absorbed by other things in the fridge such as dairy products.

5- Garlic. Just like onions, all you need to preserve garlic is a dry place with good air circulation. Storing them in a hung net or on a dry shelve is enough. You can also peel a lot of garlic cloves now and then, crush them, mix them with oil and store them in your freezer.

6- Coffee. Your coffee comes in some sort of a jar or a container, right? You can keep it in that container above your kitchen shelf. No need fro storing in the fridge where coffee smell can get to other food items changing their flavor.

Things Should Never Be Put in Your Fridge

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