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I Kissed Sugar Goodbye and These Are My 4 Reasons

This might be new to you, but did you know that you get no less than extra 500 calories a day from all the trash you eat with its high content of refined sugar?

This is exactly why you think things like, “I seem to get fatter even though

I don’t eat enough!” Moreover, you get all these problems fat can cause and they were the reason why I chose to give up sugar, and here are the reasons of that decision:

1- Did you know that sugar makes you stupid? NO kidding. A recent study that was run at UCLA proved that high sugar levels in blood are one of the reasons of the damage of some brain functions, such as the functions of remembering old information and learning new one. Sugar also contributes to slower reflexes and worse short term memory.

2- If you give up sugar, you will protect your body from inflammation with all its dangerous complications. Sugar caused inflammation or rather systemic inflammation leads to many health risks, and one of them is acne. Wouldn’t it be better if you don’t go through the embarrassment of getting acne at an age that is too old for it?

3- Refined sugar and foods full of it are one of the reasons that “tense” you out. Without sugar, you will be less tense and more relaxed, this means no more mood swings and no more feeling irritated about anything and everything. No longer will you be at the mercy of sugar rush and the sluggishness that comes soon after.

4- Excess sugar in your blood causes health risks as dangerous as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The constant tests you make your insulin faces is not god for it. At the end, you find yourself with one dangerous disease or another as a result of insulin resistance you developed from high sugar levels.

I Kissed Sugar Goodbye and These Are My 4 Reasons

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