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Most certainly you can lose weight by juicing; the weight you lose depends on what you juice and how long you juice. Juicing is a very nutritional and effective way to shed away extra pounds while getting rid of those nasty toxins.

Within the first two weeks, most people lose a lot of weight, but if you juice for a day or two, you probably will not lose a lot of weight. Some people juice for 60 days or more and lose a massive amount of weight with the bonus of curing a chronic illness.

It takes some will power to juice for an extended time like that, but you do not have to aim for 60 days. If you are not cheating, you will notice good results within the first 14 days, from 10 to 20 pounds or more. Bear in mind that you will lose more weight if you juice raw vegetables instead of fruits; fruits are great but they can slow down weight loss due to containing a lot of sugar, so you should keep your fruit juices for the morning.

You can make a good fruity drink in the morning, but for the other meals use apple and lemon to hide the strong flavor of other vegetables like spinach or kale.

The best balance for your juicing diet is about 20% fruits and 80% vegetables. You may wonder “How can I lose weight by juicing?” Actually, you will get loads of nutrition through juicing, and you will make it easier for your digestive system to do its work.

Therefore, the energy that your digestive system uses to digest the normal food goes back to you, hence you feel more active, healthy and happy. By juicing, your body takes in all the nutrients it needs, forcing out all those nasty toxins stored in fat, and you will notice shedding weight at a very fast pace.


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