6 Jobs That Harm Their Workers Health the Most

Determining your career path should not only be based on the financial gain of the job; after all, you might have to spend more money on your health care because of a harmful job. Workers or employees who are often exposed to radiation, contaminants, bites, burns, or stress are prone to the highest health risks that may shorten their lifespan. The top 6 unhealthy jobs are:

6. Flight Attending : People who travel every once in a while suffer from jetlag, so how about someone who take travelling as a career. The hectic nightshifts of air hostesses put them at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Moreover, greeting travelers from around the world expose flight attendants to various contaminants and infections.

5. Health Care and Nursing : Apart from the tremendous risk of catching an infection that nurses and medical science specialists suffer from, a lot of them become physically injured at work. Moreover, dealing with patients can be stressful sometimes.

4. Recycle and Refuse Collecting : Since they load recycle and refuse material into trucks, collectors deal with a lot of contaminants and are exposed to disease and infections. The time they spend sitting in trucks also increases the harm to their health.

3. Bus Driving : Studies show that of all jobs, bus drivers suffer from the most injuries and diseases. Moreover, the prolonged sitting periods that bus drivers tolerate take a negative toll at their health.

2. Law : Lawyers and other legal workers undergo a lot of stress on a daily basis. Lethal health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, ulcers and hypertension are often caused by a stressful work environment.

1. Nuclear Technician : No matter what the precautions taken are; technicians who deal with nuclear energy whether in laboratories or in power plants are under the risk of exposure to radiation.
Jobs That Harm Their Workers Health the Most