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Jillian Michaels Super Detoxing And Weight Loss Water

The popular fitness expert Jillian Michaels Promotes this super detox water recipe to enhance weight loss and flush out harmful toxins from the body, Jillian’s recommendations and advices are found very effective and trustworthy worldwide, she rose to fame from the popular TV show the “Biggest Loser” with her directions many over extremely over weight people managed to slim down and enjoy a healthier life, Jillian suggests that to get the most benefits of this detox water you should drink about 60 oz of it everyday, let us find out how to prepare this super detox water.


One tablespoon sugar free cranberry juice.
Two tablespoons lemon juice.
One dandelion root tea bag.
Previously sterilized and cooled water.


Get a bottle and fill with half a gallon of the previously distilled and cooled water. Mix in there the two tablespoon of concentrated lemon juice. Add the one tablespoon of one hundred percent pure and unsweetened cranberry juice. Add the dandelion tea bag. Mix all the ingredients together and allow them to steep for half an hour.

Drink this water at least once everyday, you can refrigerate it and drink it cool, it tastes really nice and refreshing when cooled.

For best results drink the water early in the morning on empty stomach to eliminate belly fat and boost metabolism.

– Notes: Always consult your doctor before you attempt to make any changes to your diet specially if you are diabetic or a hypertension patient.

The dandelion tea is bitter and may take your intestines some time to get used to it, if you experience any extreme discomfort from using the dandelion tea then stop it and look for another detoxifying water recipe, but in general the slight discomfort itself indicates a proper body detoxifying process.
Jillian Michaels Super Detoxing And Weight Loss Water

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