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Internet Marketing: What is Internet Marketing?

As products and services varied with time, so did the methods of marketing these products and services. The most developed and broad way of marketing nowadays is internet marketing which involves marketing items over the internet, email and wireless media. Different ways to name internet marketing include web marketing, online marketing, webvertising, or e-marketing. The success of internet marketing emerged from its dependence on the creative and technical aspects of the Internet from design and development to advertising and sales.

Types of internet marketing methods are numerous. The simplest kind of internet marketing is display advertising which uses the web banners of third party websites to place advertisements. Another common form of internet marketing is search engine marketing which makes the marketers promote their websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages. One benefiting from search engines in internet marketing is search engine optimization where the content of the marketer’s webpage make them more appropriate to pop up in search results as they follow the search engine natural algorithm.

Internet marketing makes reaching a wide amount of audience using methods such as social media marketing and email marketing. Good publishers can benefit from internet marketing by offering referral marketing and affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, the publisher will benefit by promoting for another party and the income will be gained whenever a consumer takes action towards the promotion. Other than the obvious advertisements, internet marketing can have subtle methods such as inbound marketing and video marketing which involves freely producing informative content that attracts consumers or make existing consumers make new purchases.

There is a seen linkage between internet marketing and several business models. One business model is e-commerce where goods and services are either directly sold to consumers or business; or from consumers to consumers via a network. By using internet marketing, a marketer can specify the approach intended from the marketing. For instance, the internet can be used to target a certain age group, gender, geography, and other general factors. For example, niche internet marketing focuses on marketing products and services which are often designed to suit a specific subset of consumers who are expected to buy the product or service with a specific motivation.

As to all marketing methodologies, internet marketing has its advantages and limitations. As businesses always seek benefits with minimal loss, internet marketing is perfect as it reaches a wide amount of audience with minimal costs compared to other types of marketing. Internet marketing facilitates it for the consumers to know more information about the products they like to buy and make comparisons. Since all the actions on the internet can be traced, internet marketers have the advantage of measuring statistics easily and inexpensively.

Limitations to internet marketing methods include the availability of lots of internet scams which discourages consumers and also the inability of consumers to actually feel the products they are going to buy. These limitations can be compensated by the developments in internet marketing. Developments in internet marketing change the paradigms of marketing from use of regular advertising methods such as regular text and images, to use recent technologies such as JavaScript and Adobe Flash.

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