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Interior Design and Interior Decorating Styles

A perfect interior design style is determined by the unity that comes out of all the elements in a room. Hence, to revamp your home, choose a suitable style because styles reflect a part of us.

The Kinds of Interior Design Styles :

Contemporary and modern style : Delicacy and simplicity, bare spaces between the furniture which are marked by geometrical lines, wooden or tiledfloor, high ceilings, huge windows and neutral colors for architectural features and accessories represent the elegance of modern design.

Classic style : Classic interior design style is about natural reflection, natural painting colors, cream color for lighted walls, symmetrically arranged furniture and gild frames.

Country style : Comfort and functionality are signs of country design. The floor of hardwood is usually covered with tied rugs in floral patterns, subdued colors, white furniture of heavy wood, old looking accessories, and dried flowers.

Gothic Style : Gothic interior design is distinguished by a medieval, dark and a heavy look. The style consists of wooden furniture, ceiling, and floor. Wrought iron accessories, heavy fabrics and a stone fireplace make essential parts of this style.

Traditional Style : Relaxing and comforting. Traditional interior design is represented by large furniture items, many accessories, and colors which are red, maroon and white.

Asian Design Style : Serene and peaceful. The floor is covered with Asian rugs, wooden and bamboo furnishings. It’s possible to use “Feng Shui” style which is an ancient Chinese decor that arranges the house perfectly according to the flow of energy.

Arty Style : Sleek and strong lines are features of this style. The floor is covered with black or white marble, large wooden furniture, rugs, velvety fabrics, intricate carvings on items. The suitable colors used are inspired from steel, mirrors, and white marble.

Tropical Design : Sea, sand, sky and beach theme. It includes wicker or bamboo furniture ,cotton and silky fabrics, palm plants, tropical flowers with corals and shells, shades of blue and green.

Mediterranean Magic : A mixture of many styles, white and bright colors, brick covered floors, white walls, wrought iron furnishing and exotic plants will provide your design with Mediterranean magic.

Victorian Vanity : Reaching a Victorian style includes using comfortable and lush furniture, shades of brown and red to incline to a masculine theme.

Retro Revisited : This interior design style is all about bold colors and funky furnishings, lava lamps, checkered floors. White and black accents would tone down the furnishings. When using it right, interior decoration can ornament our lifestyles and help us in our lives to huge extents.