Interesting Sides of Hong Kong Culture – Administrative Region


The ethnic diversity creates an independent identity and culture in Hong Kong. This culture is a combination of Chinese, western, and traditional customs because the region includes groups from different parts of the world such as china, south Asia, Baritone, US, Canada, and Japan. You can visit Hong Kong to get more information about their customs, festivals, traditions and daily life; or you can keep reading this article instead.

Hong Kong is an administrative region at the southeastern side of China. It was an original part of China then a British colony till it becomes an administrative region with dependent language and culture. The official language of Hong Kong is the Cantonese in addition to the Chinese and English languages. The different religions in the region such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism create different cultures and traditions in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has large buildings, restaurants and hotels built on the western and local styles; however, the region is still preserving its traditional customs and festivals. The Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat, and the Mid-Autumn festivals are the highly celebrated events in all the parts of Hong Kong. These traditions are celebrated by both of youths and old people, but most of the original traditions are preserved only by the aged people such as playing Chinese chess and practicing the “asking water” habit to provide the dead people a better life, according to their beliefs.

The cuisine of Hong Kong is an original part of its culture. It was influenced greatly by the Chinese cuisine, but after the advancement of the economic and business transactions, the residents of Hong Kong, especially the youths, become fascinated with the fast food and ice cream. However, the local cuisine still has its special dishes such as wife cake, cream buns, and pineapple buns.

Hong Kong Culture Hong Kong Culture Hong Kong Culture Hong Kong Culture Hong Kong Culture

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