Cleansing your body means detoxifying it, which is a way to rejuvenate and recharge. It is beneficial to everyone enabling the body to jump- start for a more active life. This process is like a “housekeeping” ritual that needs no mop or vacuum.

It means drinking a lot of juice and little else that pushes everything out of your system, as they say you are cleaning out all the pipes and tubes. Actually, fasting is a spiritual tradition that existed for a long time; there is some type of fasting ritual in almost every religion – Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus fast.

In several ancient cultures, fasting was used to help people lighten up and to lose the extra fat after a long winter. If you feel congested from the wrong kids of foods or too much food and if your energy is low or many medications have not been eliminated from your system, then a detox can help you feel better.

A weekend detox begins with a green salad on Friday night and next day breakfast starts with much vitamin C then some fruit juices of your choice. You will drink something every two hours so you will not feel hungry and as your body gets lighter, you get rid of toxins and those extra pounds.

For dinner, you can take a cup of brown rice with some chopped vegetables. Brown rice is high in fiber and B vitamins; it will fill you up and flush you out in the morning.

Moreover, it is advisable to take cleansing boosters including probiotics and herbal laxatives. Relaxations techniques such as sauna, massage, aromatherapy baths and deep breathing can also be helpful. Finally, we cannot discount the spiritual or psychological effect, as people love the ideal of cleansing or purification.