Three Ingredients Peanutbutter Pie

Sometimes what stands between you and making any recipe you read about and like is a long list of ingredients which means long time, more chance of confusion and failure and a couple of trips to the grocery store to buy all the needed ingredients, however this recipe is super easy, it only needs three ingredients and you will enjoy a wonderful desert, so you have no excuse.

If you are looking to make your family something creamy, rich, healthy and mind blowing, then this is your option, this peanut butter creamy pie will dazzle your taste buds with deliciousness, it is so easy even a beginner can make in no time, it also makes a great breakfast of afternoon snack because it is very rich with protein and it is very satisfying, all you need is only three ingredients, some stirring and voila your done, read on to learn how to make it.


32 oz vanilla Greek yogurt.
2 Cups creamy peanut butter.
1 premade pie crust of your choice.

– You can choose any of the following to dazzle your peanut butter pie with as a topping.

Chocolate sauce.
Whipped cream.
Strawberry jam.
Chocolate ship cookies.
Peanut butter candies.


In a large bowl just spoon out your vanilla Greek yogurt with your peanut butter, you can add one tablespoon of cocoa butter if you wish, whisk all the ingredients together properly, both the peanut butter and the Greek yogurt and quit thick so it will need you some strength to get both of them into a soft mixture that is blended well.

When you notice no more streaks of yogurt or peanut butter in your creamy filling pour it into your premade pie crust and leave it in the freezer for about four hours, take out of the freezer and add your favorite topping and enjoy.
Ingredients Peanutbutter Pie