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You only need one ingredient to clear out those pores on your skin

People who have oily skin or oily T-zone usually have bigger pores compared to people having dry skin. Blackheads can happen quickly if you aren’t paying attention to your skin.

Blackheads are made when these enlarged pores get filled with dirt that merges with the oil and after some time, it becomes black and dirty. We are going to tell you about an extremely helpful and inexpensive way to lessen your pores by applying baking soda.

Continued sun exposure can add to open pores as it destroys the collagen, therefore decreasing the elasticity of the pore canals walls. Although there are many cosmetic products in the store to deal with this, just remember that pores are a natural component of the skin and cannot be fully eliminated. Before you shop, you can try this magical cheap, simple and natural home treatment to minimize the look of open pores.

This component is useful in eliminating dirt and dead skin cells from your face and it fights bacteria which can invade the pores, producing a smoother, brighter skin.

First, you need to clean your skin with perfumeless soap. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in your hand. Next, add water to form a paste. Rub in a circular motion for thirty seconds, but don’t scrub (leave baking soda scrubs foe when you do your monthly peeling). After you wash off the baking soda, you will notice how fresh and clean your face is.

Baking soda has qualities that can aid you in cleaning oil and dirt in your pores. Furthermore, it adjusts the pH balance of the skin, which is important for a clear skin as well.

clear out those pores on your skin

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