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9 Inflammation Increasing Foods To Avoid Completely

Inflammation is believed to be the root cause for most of the chronic diseases such as heart diseases, arthritis, cancer and even depression, dementia and obesity, inflammation has such a negative impact on the body cells and specially bones, the damage that inflammation cause to the body cells is similar to that rust does to metal.

While a little inflammation is a natural reaction of the body towards injuries and is a perfectly natural part of the healing process, the presence of inflammation for a long period of time could be seriously damaging to the cell membranes, if the damage is not neutralized by antioxidants that is found in fruits, vegetables and healthy foods, inflammation can cause destruction within the cells causing the skin to age prematurely and the body to develop cancerous cell legions.

What you eat has a direct impact on your health, some foods are highly inflammatory fueling, those foods are generally foods that are not originated from within nature or are too much processed and difficult to

determine where they come from exactly including:-

– Common cooking oils like palm tree oil, sunflower oil and vegetable oils.

– Processed and packaged foods like fast foods or packaged deserts, cakes and candies.

– Fried foods.

– Foods with trans fats like margarine.

– Grain fed dairy products.

– Sugar and sweet foods.

– Refined gluten grains like barely, rye and wheat as well as oats.

– Animals fed with refined grains were found to be very inflammatory including red meats.

– Alcohol.

Cutting out those types of inflammatory foods and increasing antioxidant-packed foods like fruits and vegetables you will be leading a much healthier life free of pain and with a much lower risk of developing chronic diseases.

 Inflammation Increasing Foods To Avoid Completely

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