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Incredible Health Benefits Of Olive Oil You Didn’t Know About

Olive oil is considered one of the most used oils in the international cuisines, it is extracted from the olives which is responsible to maintain all the properties and nutrients known for olive oil. olive oil is an important source of non-monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and other antioxidants that offer incredible health benefits. Find out more with us in this article.

1- It Is Heart Healthy.

Studies proved that consuming two tablespoons of olive oil only a day have the ability to lower the levels of bad cholesterol LDL and boost the levels of good cholesterol LDL as well as regulating blood pressure and protecting the arteries due to its content of monounsturated fatty acids.

2- Protects the Liver.

The diversity of healthy fats found in olive oil help in detoxifying the liver, consuming it raw daily is just like taking prescribed medications, it is also a perfect anti-inflammatory to ensure proper vital function for the liver.

3- Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes.

Olive oil contains substances that helps in enhancing the insulin resistance and regulate blood sugar so it is advised for type-2 diabetes patients and it can even be used to reduce the risk of diabetes for those who are at risk.

4- Reduce Inflammations.

Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids as well as oleocanthal acid that helps in reducing the symptoms of inflammatory diseases like arthritis, lupus and celiac sprue disease as well as joints and muscles pain.

5- Prevents Skin Cancer.

Recent studies found that healthy diets rich in olive oil like the Mediterranean diet help in preventing malignant melanoma which is the most dangerous and deadly type of skin cancer due to its content of carotenoid that helps the skin build a resistance to the damage of the UV rays.

 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

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