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Impressive detox diet, safe and satisfying

Yes, the title is true, it’s not a dream anymore to help your body to get rid of all the toxics without feeling hungry or tired. It’s true that our bodies have the ability of getting rid of all toxins through the liver, kidneys, skin, and colon, but we can give some support to these organs by following a simple detox diet.

This diet plan depends on eating some specific kinds of food and replacing some other kinds with healthier alternatives. Starting with fruits, you can eat fresh fruits like, banana, orange, grapefruits, pears, etc, or you can drink them. If you like to add a new flavor, put some oats over the fresh fruits. Make sure that the fruit juice is sugarless and it’s better to be homemade.

Moving to fresh vegetables you can eat carrot, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, cucumber, broccoli, etc and make sure to eat them without adding any salt. Don’t worry that is not all, you can also have some legumes like, beans and lentils. Brown rice, oat cakes, plain popcorn, unsalted nuts, garlic, olive oil, gingers and fresh herbs are all allowed for you to eat.

Ok, let me tell you now about all the foods that you should avoid during your detox diet and what you can eat instead. You should stay away from diary and wheat based foods like, pasta, bread, milk, etc. you can eat soya or rice milk, rice cakes and corn cereals instead. You should also keep all the red meats away form your table, you can eat low fat chicken, fish and egg instead.

For sure, you will totally forget about cakes, biscuits and all the junk food or any foods that contain any refined carbohydrates. Fried foods, butter, ready meals or any kind of food that contains sutured fats are forbidden, you can only use olive oil for cooking or for dressing your salad.

I know this will sound hard, but you should avoid some drinks like, tea, coffee and power drinks. You can drink herbal teas or green tea instead and remember to drink at least 8 cups of water daily.

Impressive detox diet, safe and satisfying

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