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Important Tips For Washing Jeans

Jeans is one of the most popular materials around the world, it is very rare to find a cloth wardrobe that doesn’t contain at least two or three items made of jeans, but despite that fact the correct way to clean jeans and keep it looking as new is not known by many people and unfortunately most people around the world clean jeans in a wrong way which may cause the Jens to lose color or look washed away, so we brought you this article to be your guide to maintain your jeans looking as new for a really long time.

1- The Correct Way To Clean Jeans.
You can divide the jeans cleaning process into several steps so it becomes easy for you to remember and follow every time you want to clean your jeans clothes.

2- Check The Washing Directions Provided With the Cloth Item.
This step will enable you to know the temperature of the water allowed to wash this piece of cloth, the type of washing cycle and times as well.

3- Wash The Jeans Inside Out.
It is always advised to wsh jeans while it is turned inside out to protect the color from fading.

4- Use Vinegar.
A cup of vinegar can be used with the washing water to protect the color from fading.

5- rare On Cool.
It is recommended to wash specially dark jeans with considerably cool water to prevent the color from fading.
6-Iron The Jeans Inside Out.
It is recommended to iron the inner side of your jeans to void any damage that could be done by the health o he color or he material of he jeans.

Important Tips For Washing Jeans.

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