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Getting good grades is not only for geeks or nerds; not taking school seriously may affect your whole future. Those who want to get the best jobs and make the most of themselves pay special attention to success in school.

Whether it is a calendar on your wall, a to-do list you make at the end of the day or a day planner you carry on your backpack, it can help you stay organized and keep track of when assignments are due. Every day check your planner or calendar to see what needs to be done and what is on the horizon for the next few days.

Organize your desk/ locker to help your mind stay clutter- free because your mind can concentrate on the more important stuff when your visual environment is orderly and simple. Having a desk or a locker that is chaotic just gets frustrating and confusing; it only takes a couple of minutes to put things where they belong.

You need to make a weekly study schedule to see when your studying should get done, and make sure to abide by the plans you make. Keep an agenda with you to write down when you have to study, do your homework and all of your tests.

As a matter of fact, certain techniques do not work for certain people; some learn with their hands, others with their eyes or with their ears or even a combination. For example, if you remember best the things you see, then study your notes and make graphs.

To keep your study in your mind for a longer time, read a paragraph, revise it in your head without looking then read it one more time. When you read your textbook, highlight the things mentioned in class, as more likely they are the most important.


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