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Hair loss is a common problem between men and women; many try treating it chemically and even with surgery but seeking to regrow lost hair naturally can give much better and safer results. Daily massage of your scalp promotes good circulation for hair follicles, establishing the right environment to regrow hair.

To make the massage correctly, use your fingertips and gently massage the scalp in a circular motion. Take your time to massage all parts of your scalp in order to stimulate blood flow in preparation for the new hair to grow. Make it a habit and you can get a professional in head massage to learn the best way.

Oil massage helps aid circulation much more than a standard massage; oil helps unclog hair follicles and allows for new growth. You can try coconut oil, which is great and rich oil for your body as whole; warm a tablespoon and massage it with your fingertips.

Jojoba oil is very nutritious similar to sebum – naturally produced by your scalp that keeps your hair healthy. Almond oil is traditionally used in India promoting healthy hair growth.
A therapeutic hair mask keeps your hair healthy and moisturized and stimulating growth at the same time.

Household ingredients like egg- whites, honey, aloe, apple cider vinegar and avocado are all beneficial for hair masks to apply for 15 minutes then wash your hair. Specific essential oils – such as tea tree oil, cedar wood and lavender – are said to stimulate healthy circulation and promote hair regrow; few drops of these oils added to your oil hair masks and treatments can give your scalp additional boost.

Stay away from shampoos containing harsh ingredients like sulfates, which strip hair of its natural oils making it brittle and dry, and this leads to hair loss and breakage.

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