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Important Tips For Your First Date Makeup

First dates can be confusing and emotionally tiring for many, you only have a short space of time to impress someone and the same time window to be impressed as well. Besides your personality, your look plays a major and leading role to get you the right attention. If you already know the person and have an idea of his tastes then you can wear clothes and makeup that you are sure going to impress him, but if it is blind date then you can only be yourself and just take what comes to you. But just to have a little guide that help you not to waste time or effort, check out the following first date makeup tips.

1- Don’t Over Do It.

It is important not to overdo it with makeup on your first date. The guy is just getting to know you so he deserves to see some of the real you, piling too much makeup and colors on your face will make you look too much fake and made up and will vanish the impress your personality could leave on him.

2- Keep Your Hairdo Simple.

A complex Hairdo will make you more nervous and keep you checking out if it looks OK or not throughout the date, a simpler one will just make you feel more comfortable and real. It will also take less time to do your hair in the first place, you can just leave it loose with slight beach waves or tie it in a simple ponytail.

3- Don’t Go Crazy With Your Eye Makeup.

Try not to use dark or glossy colors for the eye shadow that’s if you really have to wear an eye shadow, your eyes will be the main part of your face to attract attention and you will so conversations through your eyes so keep it simple and be yourself.

4- Keep Your Lips Attractive.

After your eyes, your lips is the part of your face that complete the look and attract the most attention, so keep your lips moist, attractive and looking as much natural as possible. Choose a lip gloss that matches your skin complexion and accentuate the rest of your look.

5- Use The Blush Wisely.

If you are using a blush, apply it slightly on the right places and don’t overdo it in just one point, try to keep the skin looking as natural as could be.

Important Tips For Your First Date Makeup

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