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Six Important Things To Know About Home Birth

A lot of women these days tend to choose home birth over hospital birth, home birth can be better than hospital birth for many reasons such as the level of privacy you get, which people you want to attend your child’s birth that is beside its safety to a certain extent and the security that the woman feel in her own space that she is emotionally attached with which is the most important factor to choose home birth over hospital birth, recent studies proved that labor tend to be easier and faster in a place where you feel secure, it is the natural mechanism that makes all mammals only give birth where there is no danger for their little ones. But even though home birth is very recommended and have many benefits, you must be aware of some important factors before you decide to have a home birth, the following will be some of the most important things to know if you are thinking about home birth so please read on.

1- You Must Be Extra Cautious If You Have Had A Previous Complicated Pregnancy Or A Cesarean Section.

If any of your previous pregnancy had some complications or you had a Cesarean section previously then you should be extra cautious about home birth, it is almost better and more recommended in your case to sign yourself up in a hospital as the hospital will be well equipped to deal with any life risks for you or the baby that may arise.

2- Mid-Wives Will Carry The Needed Equipments.

If you choose to have a home girth then you won’t need to worry about any equipments to help you giving birth as your mid-wife should be acknowledged of what is needed and she will be equipped with it, you can also choose to have only your midwife at your home birth or along with one or two students to help and observe.

3- Home Birth Is Not Too Messy If You Make The Right Arrangements.

One of the concerns for women who are thinking to have home birth is the mess it could leave behind, well if you make the right arrangements then you can minimize the amount of mess could be left behind, for example make sure to have a bed in your house covered with plastic sheets as well as the pillows, if you are going to have a pool birth then take off the carpets and make sure the pool can easily be emptied once you deliver.

4- Healthy Women With Minimal Pregnancy Complications Are Good Candidates For Home Birth.

If you have experiences little or no complications at all during your pregnancy, the position of your baby is right and your body is healthy then the idea for home birth suit you more than a hospital birth, if it is the first time you give birth then be secured your midwife should be able to observe any risk for any type of complication and decide whether or not hospital birth is safer for you.

5- Your Midwife Will Provide The Needed Care In Case Of Emergency Situations.

Midwives take annual training to provide the needed care in emergent situations for both the mother and the baby, so you should not worry if you have a well trained midwife in your home birth.

6- You Get To Hold Your Baby Immediately.

Another advantage of home birth that must be mentioned on this list is that you get to hold your baby almost immediately after delivery, as soon as the umbilical cord is cut and some quick cleaning is done you will be able to hold you baby and start breast feeding and bonding immediately.

Home birth is not something new in our world, it has been practiced for centuries safely, it is more comfortable and easier if you know what to expect, have everything planned for properly and above all your pregnancy and medical situation allow home birth, you get to be surrounded by all the people that you trust and love who will be more than happy to provide any help whenever you need it instead of being surrounded by strangers at a hospital, you own home is the best place to bring your baby to the life in, so if you are healthy and your pregnancy is smooth, consider home birth instead of a hospital birth.

Important Things To Know About Home Birth

Important Things To Know About Home Birth

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