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Seven Important Things You Must Know About Him Before Marriage

You must make sure to know everything about your boyfriend before you tend tend to marry, his likes and his dislikes, his family, his habits, his previous life, his ambitions and everything, but most importantly the following things, read on and to know what you should know about your boyfriend before marriage.

1- His Previous Relationships.

One of the most important things you must know about your boyfriend before marriage is his previous relationships, the number of girls he dated before you, why the relationships ended and any other important details about the girls, knowing these details before marriage will prevent alot of arguments and confusion after marriage.

2- His Blood Reports.

It is important to get yourself and your boyfriend checked before you tie the knot, this is not because you have doubt about your boyfriend having any STD but it is to rule out any chance of infections or future diseases that could lead to problems that could trouble the marriage later on.

3- His Character History.

Your boyfriend’s character history is not like blood report that you just get the results in such a short time, this is something that you start learning about your boyfriend since you started dating him seriously, character history include information like whether or not your boyfriend has ever been to jail, whether or not he was ever on drugs, or whether or not he has been once expelled from his college or work for any immoral reason, knowing this will give you a clear idea about your boyfriend’s past life and his experiences.

4- Learn More About His Family.

When you get married you will become a part of your boyfriend’s family, that will make you interact with them often, therefore it is reasonable to learn a little about them and how they are so you know how to deal with them and set your expectations when you are with them.

5- What He Thinks About Your Career And Kids.

Saying that you will get married, implies the idea that one day you may get kids, in that time you will need to manage both your career and your kids, which is quit complex and you need to have a few discussion about this issue with him before marriage, what he thinks of your career and whether or not he want kids.

6- His Expectations From You.

You may think that you know clearly your boyfriend’s expectations from you but you may be wrong, most men tend to chance their expectations from their women once they decide marriage, so make sure you have an idea about what he expect from you in the future.

7- His Goals In Life And Ambitions.

Is you boyfriend motivated and he is looking to gain the most of the life he can? You must have a discussion with your boyfriend about the kind of life he want to have for you both after marriage in order to avoid situations where you want to live a great life and he wants to live a very simple life.

 Things You Must Know About Him Before Marriage

Important Things You Must Know About Him Before Marriage

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