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It is easy to find cocky people but a lot harder to spot the truly confident. Most people are situationally confident; sometimes very confident and other times not at all. In a world of faking, it is difficult to tell if someone is truly confident in his self, plans and ideas, and just as important if his confidence is justified. First, you need to know that confidence is not swagger or bravado or a bold self- belief directed at others. Actually, confidence is quiet; it is a natural expression of self- regard, expertise and ability.
Truly confident people share a number of qualities including:

– They are not afraid to be proved wrong; finding out what is right is more important to them than being proved right. They are secure enough to back down gracefully, when they are wrong. They often admit when they do not
have all the answers or they are wrong, while cocky people never do.

– They listen a lot more than they speak; they are quiet and want to know what you think. Truly confident people realize they know a lot, but they want to know more, so they listen more. They do not brag because bragging is a sign of insecurity.

– They do no seek the spotlight or the validation of others because their real validation comes from within. They stand back and help others shine so those people become confident too.

– Confident people are secure enough to ask for help and admit a weakness

– They know they can build their own networks and relationships, attract their own funding and choose their own path, not like many people that feel they have to wait to be discovered.

– Truly confident people do not put down others so they make themselves look better, i.e. they do not gossip or speak badly of others.

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