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Important herbs and spices and their uses for health

All of us use herbs and spices in our food to add flavor to it. But, herbs and spices are not only for giving flavor, they have many benefits and uses for our health also.

They contain a great amount of vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants. When we add spices to our food, they promote the nutritional value of the food. Here are some examples of such spices.

-Cayenne pepper:

It has many advantages for our health. It helps to increase our metabolism so that we can burn calories rapidly. In addition, it’s very useful for digestion system. Moreover, it helps to sooth coughs and colds and it acts as an appetite suppressant.


It is very useful for treating excess wind and reducing it. It helps to sooth the digestive system. Moreover, it’s very useful for treatment of cold as it helps to cure a sore throat and to relieve congestion. In addition, it is known for its ability to enhance the production of breast milk.


It’s very important for our immune system for its ability to help us fight viruses and diseases. Moreover, it has powerful antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory characteristics.


It is an amazing herb that most of us use. Of course, it add a beautiful colour to any dish, but it also has great properties which make it very useful for health. It is very good for the skin health and for healing as it contains a great amount of iron and vitamin C which helps to strengthen the circulatory and the immune systems.

Important herbs and spices and their uses for health

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