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You will not imagine sex had all these benefits

Most of the people do not know that having sex is very important and useful. Studies proved that sexual intercourse is very useful for our health and bodies in general. Here we tackle these benefits of having sex.

– It helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that having sex regularly lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. Also, hugging after having sex lowers blood pressure and leads to relaxation.

– Good sexual health leads to good physical health. It is proved that having sex once or twice a week is linked with higher levels of antibodies which protect the body from colds and various infections.

– Having sex for half an hour helps to burn about 85 calories. Thus, sex will work as an effective diet for reducing weight.

– Studies published in the past 20 years demonstrate that people who are engaged in intimate relationship regularly have a lower risk of all types of strokes. Moreover, according to other studies it is proved that men who have sex twice a week have lower risk of heart attack by half.

– Improving self image is one of the reasons that make people have sex even if they do not realize it sometimes. It makes men and women feel better about themselves especially if it is accompanied by passion and love.

– Sex reduces pain as it makes the body produces the hormone oxytocin, and in addition, during sex the body releases endorphins in high levels. Both of these hormones work as chemical sedatives for pain. Therefore, having sex helps to reduce headache, pain in aching joints and even muscles pain.

– The hormone oxytocin which is secreted during orgasm helps in treating sleeping problems and allows sleeping easily and deeply.

imagine sex had all these benefits

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