5 Hygiene Habits You Should Teach to Children

Teaching children good health habits early is essential to make sure that they continue practicing them for the rest of their lives with ease. In order to give you a clear idea about the hygiene habits children need to develop, we prepared this list:

1. Cleaning and Clipping Fingernails

Even after kids wash their little hands, germs find a shelter beneath their fingernails. Hence, teach your children to scrub dirt out from their fingernails using a good nail brush before going to sleep. Moreover, help your children to clip their fingernails on a weekly basis.

2. Teeth Care

Oral hygiene is not only essential to have beautiful pearly whites, but it also prevents cavities and heart disease. Don’t wait until children grow permanent teeth; teach them oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing twice a day or after meals. Brushing time should take about two whole minutes.

3. Washing Hands

Teach your children that bacteria and germs cannot be seen with our eyes, and we have to wash our hands even if they don’t look dirty. Occasions for washing hands include before and after eating, after handling dirty objects, playing with pets, sneezing or touching someone sick. Kids can determine the time needed to soaping hands by singing the birthday song twice.

4. Bathing

Bathing might not be the favorite activity of some children, yet you can make it fun by allowing them to take toys like rubber ducks with them. Make sure that the bathing water is warm enough for the child’s comfort. Allow your child to clean themselves using a washcloth.

5. Shampooing

Too much shampooing may result in drying out a kid’s scalp. That is why it is preferable to limit hair washing to twice or three times a week. However, when children grow up and start puberty, hormonal changes make their hair greasier; therefore, it is recommended that they wash their hair thoroughly every other day.

Hygiene Habits You Should Teach to Children

Hygiene Habits You Should Teach to Children

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