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Seven Huge Makeup Don’ts for an Everlasting Healthy Skin

The reason any woman of use put on makeup is to highlight her beauty, using makeup products on daily basis could cause damage to the skin, so you will need to maintain a proper skin care regime to constantly repair the damage that makeup does to the skin, however even with a very devoted skin care regime, makeup could still harm your skin if certain mistakes are made frequently. Damaged skin will never look pretty even if you cover it with a ton of makeup, so to avoid skin damage, avoid the following MAKEUP Don’ts.

1- Don’t Neglect Your Eyebrows.

Well shaped and groomed eyebrows will improve your overall look and define your eyes in a more attractive way, so make sure to maintain your eyebrows and don’t neglect them, if you can’t shape them on your own the consult a professional and they should help you with the best shape and thickness for your face and features.

2- Don’t Pump Up Your Lips.

We all want fuller and sexier lips so the only doable way to achieve that with makeup is use pipelined to make the lips look bigger, this can work for some and can turn tricky and spoil the overall look for others, so if you have any doubt it may not work perfectly then avoid the lip liner and just stick to the lipstick alone which should be just enough to pull your look all together.

3- Don’t Use Black Eyeliner during the Day.

A lot of think we can use black eyeliner at any time of the day, but the truth is that, black eyeliner is a bit too harsh for the daytime, so instead use brown eyeliner and save the black one for a night out.

4- Don’t Forget The Lipstick.

You can skip on applying mascara or even eye shadow when you are on a hurry, but never skip on the lipstick, indeed the lipstick alone can actually polish your overall look and skipping on it can make you look dull and pale, just make sure the color you choose compliment your outfit and your skin tone.

5- Don’t Contour Your Cheekbones.

Who wouldn’t want perfectly done chiseled-looking cheekbones? However contouring your cheekbones can be tricky and not easy, you can end up messing up your look so it is just better to leave it for professionals and especially if you are not naturally blessed with it.

6- Don’t Get Tempted With Glitter.

Glitter is awesome but when it comes to makeup, it can’t hold a look for more than a few minutes, it keeps moving to other areas on your face which makes your whole makeup looks ruined.

7- Don’t Sleep With Your Makeup On.

This is the number one beauty rule, make sure to clean your face thoroughly of any traces of makeup before falling asleep so that your skin gets a chance to breathe and rest as well as you.

Seven Huge Makeup Don'ts for an Everlasting Healthy Skin.

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