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  • How to Light up Your Mood Using 4 Affordable Types of Lighting

    How to Light up Your Mood Using 4 Affordable Types of Lighting

    What do you need lighting for? You need lighting for a lot of things. Good lighting makes you more capable of seeing and doing things. But, did you know that lighting also affects the way you feel? And, you might have already read or heard about colors effect on feelings, but lighting is one way of altering colors and changing how our eyes perceive them. You can use that to your advantage with the following types of affordable lighting 1- One of the greatest and most affordable sources of soft lighting is candles. Although lighting fixtures that can adjust the level of light are available everywhere now, people have always preferred the soft glow of candles. How they look and…

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  • How To Keep Your Nail Polish For Longer

    How To Keep Your Nail Polish For Longer?

    Do you often find your nail polish chipping after a few hours and suddenly your fingers turn from her sophisticated to mess up? The quality of the nail polish itself is not the problem, the problem is your way of applying the nail polish, correct application will prevent chipping and will make your nails look beautiful all day. Here are some tips to prevent your nail polish from chipping. 1- Fill In The Right Way. To start it is important to avoid filling your nails from both ends, chose one end to start filling from, also make sure to get rid of the excess pain bits at the edge of the nails, these excess bits can cause chipping. 2- Buff…

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  • How To Make Your Eyes Look Younger By Makeup

    How To Make Your Eyes Look Younger By Makeup

    Take a look at yourself, is the stress of the daily life caused some fine lines around your eyes? they say your eyes are the window to your heart and they are also the first part in your face to show visible aging signs unfortunately, so rather than working yourself up, just learn those make up secrets that will make your eyes look much younger and sexier in under 10 minutes, after all this is what cosmetic products are for right? 1- Try The Natural Way First. Nature alone can help you have a younger looking eyes, lack of sleep is a major reason for older looking and exhausted eyes in the morning, so make sure to have adequate amounts…

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  • How To Spot Fake Honey With Simple Tricks

    How To Spot Fake Honey With Simple Tricks?

    Picking up the cheapest honey in the grocery stores will mean that you are not buying pure honey despite the false advertisements and labels. A recent Safety News public research provided very worrying facts about the honey found in the stores. Up to 76% of the honey found in supermarkets were collected and subjected to ultrafiltiring which is the process to remove impurities like wax pieces and pollen. Manufacturers say that the filtering process is important to prevent crystallization and increase the shelf life for the product, however most of the consumers are unaware that the pollen is incredibly important for our health. Another strong reason to avoid this process is to be able to trace and determine the geographical…

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  • How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

    There is no doubt about the fact that reapplying makeup two or three times a day is huge inconvenience that waste time, this is especially true in the case of busy working women that lack the time to even eat properly, even women that have time, they still find reapplying makeup to be annoying, so here are a few effective tips on how to make your makeup last longer than it usually does. 1- Keep Your Skin Clean. In order to have your makeup lasting for longer, you should keep your skin clean, dead skin cells and oily surfaces can make your makeup fade quickly, wash, exfoliate and tone your skin properly before applying any makeup, also consider applying a…

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  • How To Make Sure Your Smoothie Isn't A Calories Bomb.

    How To Make Sure Your Smoothie Isn’t A Calories Bomb

    You must be aware already that store bought smoothies and loaded with sugar and instead of helping you to lose weight they will make you gain extra pounds, but when you come to prepare your own smoothie at home you would never do such a mistake right? Well get ready to learn how to avoid making your smoothie loaded with calories because I promise you it is so easy to do when you just keep on tossing things in your blender. Here’s how to avoid making your smoothie a 1000 calories. 1- Avoid Fruit Juices. Don’t add fruit juices not even 10%, it is better to add whole fruits to increase the quality of the fiber you are consuming, it…

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  • How To Save Money On Electricity Bills

    How To Save Money On Electricity Bills

    Are you tired of spending your hard earnings on electricity bills every month? Have you been trying to save electricity but still you don’t save that much? There are many valid reasons why we all should start saving electricity, saving the enviroment is a great reason to start saving electricity and it is as important as saving money. Here are a few ways you can save electricity. 1- Use CFL Bulbs . Researches proved that using CFL bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs help to save up to 60% of your electricity usage and they also give a brighter light, moreover, these CFL bulbs such as LED and halogens last longer than the other conventional bulbs. 2- Seal Your Cooling And…

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  • How To Have Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows at Your Home, no Need to Salon

    How To Have Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows at Your Home, no Need to Salon

    If you want that perfect movie star look, your eyebrows have to be perfectly shaped, and in order to get perfectly shaped eyebrows you have one of two options, either you go regularly to a salon and have to wait for your turn, waste too much time and specify a monthly budget just for your eyebrows or you can shape it yourself right at your home in any free time you have using only a tweezers and an eyebrow pencil. Here’s how to shape those eyebrows perfectly. – Find Where Your Eyebrow Should Begin. To have perfectly shaped eyebrows, finding the spot where the eyebrows should begin is a key, since starting too far can mess up the balance of…

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  • How To Get Rid Of Warts And Other Skin Problems with Natural Remedies

    How To Get Rid Of Warts And Other Skin Problems with Natural Remedies

    Skin Problems are quit common for people to suffer from at different stages of their lives, some of the most common skin problems are moles, warts, skin tags, age spots, black heads, etc. This kind of skin problems often occurs due to a change in the skin texture that is caused by infection or allergic reaction which leads to inflammation. Most of these skin problems are not dangerous, for example warts is not that dangerous really or life threatening but they are ugly, embarrassing, contagious and sometimes painful even. Fortunately most of these skin problems can be treated easily with natural ingredients and determination. Human papilloma virus is the cause for warts, there are many types of warts and it…

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  • How To Apply Mascara Professionally In Five Steps

    How To Apply Mascara Professionally In Five Steps

    Mascara is an essential part in the eye makeup, when it is applied correctly it makes your eyes look inviting and accentuate your look, but if any mistake was done while applying it then the whole look may end up looking messy. Check out how to avoid mistakes while applying mascara. 1- Start With An Eyelashes Curler. Many women do this mistake where they apply mascara on straight lashes, it is important to use the eyelashes Curler first before applying mascara, it lofts up your lashes a bit and make your eyes look more open and bigger, it is especially important for those who have thin lashes that are barely noticeable, after you curl your lashes then you can move…

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  • How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

    How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

    The lips are the frame of the face, beautiful lips enhance the beauty of the face, some people are blessed naturally with beautifully shaped pink lips, while others lost the radiance and beauty of their lips due to several external or genetically factors, if you sound more like the later then check out the following natural remedies that will grant you beautiful pink and filled lips naturally. Before listing the remedies, make sure to avoid the elements that could harm your lips and make them look dark and burnt, the sun is one of the strongest factors that could affect your lips negatively, to protect your lips from the sun, make sure to apply SPF lip balm on your lips…

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  • How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy After 40

    How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy After 40

    Many women decide to have children after 40, which is to a certain extend safer than before thanks to the advanced technologies and medical techniques. However advanced maternal age can still pose medical complications for both the mother and the baby that should be avoided, preparation of the body before pregnancy can help prevent complications and ensure a smooth pregnancy. Here’s a list of how to prepare your body for pregnancy after 40. 1- Make A Pre-conception Consultation With Your Health Care Provider. Women as they age they start getting more susceptible to different health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes even other conditions that may impair their fertility, making a medical consultation and knowing your risks and how…

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  • How To Make Frozen Shrimps Taste Even Better Than Fresh One

    How To Make Frozen Shrimps Taste Even Better Than Fresh One

    You know those small pre-peeled frozen shrimps found in the frozen section in the store? There is probably a bag of them in the back of your freezer right now you don’t know what to do with it. They are actually very helpful and convenient, they fit in almost all types of recipes, however not knowing the correct method to cook them can make them taste like little sponges that chew like rubbers, lacking the fresh flavor of fresh shrimps, when you cook with them they turn your sauce into a very thin mess up that is too watery. Well if that sound like you, you want to cook more often with shrimps and you are lacking time to buy…

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  • How to Get Rid Of Obsessive Fear

    How to Get Rid Of Obsessive Fear

    Fear and obsessive fear are two feelings that go hand in hand most of the time, which generates a feeling of fear of frequent obsessive thinking about different things in an overkilling way, the influence of fear and obsessive thinking is not only limited on the mental state , but it also has a serious impact on the health and the general state of the body, which both form a major alarming sign and prevent the person from progressing in life or doing anything of interest, so such thinking must be disposed in any way possible, to avoid serious consequences. – How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Fear. . Meditation is one effective way to clear the mind and focus…

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  • How To Deal With A Loved One With Mental Illness

    How To Deal With A Loved One With Mental Illness

    It is not easy to respond when one of your dear friends confides to you that they have a mental illness, the odds that you will be in such a situation are more common than you expect, slot of women suspect that they have a mental illness and many of those women get diagnosed with a metal illness already. Mentally Linnea symptoms don’t only impact the affected person but also those around him/her, the symptoms of a mental illness is often misunderstood and treated in a wrong way or mistakingly associated with other physical illness, the best thing to do if you have a mentally ill loved one is to understand the nature, symptoms and treatment options of the mental…

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  • How to be beautiful on your wedding day

    How to be beautiful on your wedding day

    It is very important for the bride to feel good and look good on her wedding day with a smile on her radiant face, and whether you will do your makeup yourself or get it done by a specialist you should rehearse it to make sure you will look perfect, but of course to have a professional to do it is better. Practicing your look before marriage is the best way to obtain a flawless natural look with an image that is life-long to cherish. First, you should avoid having base lines on your face which demands a foundation perfectly matching, that is a very close match for your complexion, and it must give you a clean and fair skin…

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  • How to treat bleeding gums

    How to treat bleeding gums

    When thinking about dental health, it is common to focus on protecting teeth from decay and working on removing plaque and food remnants, but, what about the gum? In many cases, the gums are exposed to swelling and bleeding. So, what is the treatment for bleeding gums? What are the adopted methods to reduce it? *Cleaning your teeth: Make sure to clean your teeth at least twice a day. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your teeth in a circular motion to remove dirt and sediment. *Mouthwash: Use a mouthwash every day in order to get rid of leftovers that the brush was not able to remove. You can buy any kind of mouthwash from the pharmacy or you can…

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  • How to get rid of the problem of excessive sleeping

    How to get rid of the problem of excessive sleeping?

    Studies have shown that an adult needs to sleep everyday from 6 to 8 hours. So, if you sleep more than 8 hours, then you have troubles in sleeping which make you lazy all the time. Here are some things you could do to help you get rid of this problem. – assign a certain time to wake up and adjust the alarm clock to help you wake up. By time you will being to adapt to normal sleeping hours. – Find a motivation for yourself to wake up for early in order not to sleep more than the normal limit. For example, you can read about the health damage that results from excessive sleep such as heart diseases. –…

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  • How to get healthy and soft skin

    How to get healthy and soft skin

    There is no doubt that dry skin can make your face look dull. Your skin needs moisturizing even if it is an oily skin. If you want to get a clear skin which is free from dryness, itching and spots, try to use any of these natural methods to help you. – You can use tomatoes to take care of your skin as it works to clean the skin and restore its natural balance because it contains vitamin C as well as potassium. Cut the tomatoes into slices and apply it on your whole face for 15 minutes and then wash it off. – Potato slices can be used to get the most beautiful and healthy eyes. Apply cold potato…

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  • How to deal with your child who doesn’t obey your orders

    How to deal with your child who doesn’t obey your orders

    Every mother feels the difficulty in dealing with her stubborn child who does not listen to her, whether at home or in public places causing her embarrassment many times because she can not adjust and control his/her behavior. Your violent behavior with your children will not work at all. Here are some steps that will help you deal with this kind of children. *Put the rules and regulations: First, you should put the rules you want your child to follow, what is allowed and what is forbidden. If the child was receiving care for a long time with other person like his grandmother, it is very important to cooperate in the terms of the regulations. For example, do not forbid…

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