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How to wash your hair in aThe right way

Washing your hair is a routine that you may do every day .But; you may make mistakes in washing your hair. So, you should know the right way of washing your hair in order not to damage your hair and to make it healthy. Here are specialists’ tips for the right way of washing hair.

– rinse your hair with warm water first. This helps to open the pores, so the oils are loosened through the scalp. Therefore, oils in your conditioner could be absorbed.

– You should apply conditioner first if you have long hair that reaches beneath the shoulders. Doing this will protect the ends of the hair and gives moisture to the scalp.

– You should apply the shampoo in the scalp. Start putting shampoo from the roots till the ends. You shouldn’t put a lot of shampoo unless you have long or thick hair.

– Wash your hair gently. Circular motion is not healthy for hair; instead use vertical strokes with medium pressure. And also back and forth motion is not good for hair.

– Don’t repeat the rinsing of your hair. Rinsing hair once is enough. If the hair is so dirty you may use shampoo twice.

– Squeeze your hair a little, and then apply the conditioner. Leaving the conditioner more time is better. However, avoid putting the conditioner at the roots in order not to lose natural oils in the scalp.

– Rinse your hair with cold water at the end. Cold water helps to close up the pores so that your hair will be shiny.

– Choose the suitable shampoo for your hair. If you have a dry hair, a moisturizing shampoo will be the best choice.

– Oily hair needs washing more times than dry hair or normal hair. However oily hair can be washed every day, dry and normal hair need to be washed three times weekly.

How to wash your hair in aThe right way

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