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How To Undo The Damage Done By Prolonged Sitting

More than half of our time we are awake in we spend sitting, either while watching TV, having meals with the family, working on computer, reading a book or a dozen of other activities that are all done while being seated.

Spending long periods of time sitting have many harmful effects of the health including weakening the bones, tiring the muscles, increasing the risk and development of osteoporosis and causing sore neck, shoulders and back. However sometimes the type of lifestyle we lead force us to sit for long hours everyday like in the case of having a sedentary job, in this case one should do his best to undo the damage sitting for long time does to his health and below is the key to reverse this damage.

1- Take frequent Walking Breaks.

It is well known that sitting for long periods of time have a negative effect of the cardiovascular health. It hinders the natural ability of the arteries to expand as a result of more blood flow, it also causes the blood to pool in the legs and can even lead to blood clots and varicose veins, therefore taking frequent walking breaks will stimulate the blood circulation in the body and prevent the potential arteries damage from prolonged sitting.

2- Take A Stability Ball With You To Work.

Spend some time spending on a stability ball or also known as exercise ball, it is something that is suitable and recommended for people of all ages, the ball is not stable so it will force your body and muscles to exert effort to balance itself and find a comforting sitting position, it will also force you to move frequently which in return will reduce neck and pack stiffness and pain.

3- Do stretching Exercises.

In your lunch break make sure to take a few minutes and do some stretching exercises, stretching will help in easing the pain resulted of prolonged sitting specially in your neck and upper back.
It will also improve circulation and relax your mind.

4- Correct Your Sitting Posture.

If you really have to sit for long hours then the most important thing you must do to reduce the risk of damage is to sit in a proper posture, the correct sitting posture will protect you from any damage to the spinal cord and joint. Make sure that your spinal cord and neck and comfortably aligned in a straight line. Keep your shoulders and elbows straight and in a comfortable position.

How To Undo The Damage Done By Prolonged Sitting

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