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How To Treat Swollen Fingers Problem

Everything we do in our everyday life need our hands and a little pain or discomfort in the hands or the fingers can make it quit hard to get anything done, swollen fingers is one common problem that occur with hands and it happens due to several reasons mainly are harmless.

Swollen fingers happen due to Fluids build ups or inflammations, that could be caused by insect bites, injuries, fluid retention, high sodium levels in the blood, infection, jammed figure, minor burn or many other causes. Regardless to the cause, there are a few effective natural ways you can treat swollen fingers or toes, and here is a list of them.

1- Hydrotherapy.

Putting your hands in hot and cold water mutually which is known as Hydrotherapy can help in treating swollen fingers, warm water helps to improve blood flow and circulation while cold water reduces swelling and discomfort. Get two bowls one of warm water and the other of ice water and dip your hand in each bowl for one minute then alternate.

2- Warm Oil Massage.

A little massage of warm oil can also help I’m reducing swelling and improving the mobility of the affected finger. Just warm some olive or castor oil in the microwave and gently massage a thin layer of it on the affected finger for four to five minutes, the massaging will improve the circulation in the area.

3- Exercise Your Fingers.

If your fingers are swollen due to water retention or stiff joints, exercising can help a great way in reducing the discomfort and swelling. Make sure to remove any rings from your fingers and keep on closing your fingers into a fist and opening it back several times.

4- Compress Your Hand And Fingers.

Use a firm Compress for your hand and fingers to apply pressure in the tissues which will prevent Fluids from accumulating in the area causing swelling, put on the Compress for half an hour while doing the previous exercise ten or twenty times, however if you are prone to the problem just sleep every night wearing the hand Compress.

How To Treat Swollen Fingers Problem

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