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How to Treat Your Child of the Habit of Bed Wetting

One of the things that make parenthood tough for parents, and scares off anyone who thinks about having kids is the “wet sheets” problem. It is much more than the bother of changing and cleaning the sheets.

Kids feel guilty and awful for having little bladder control and they hate to see the annoyed expressions on their parents’ faces. Here are some tips that will help in treating your kids of this problem.

1- If bedwetting is a frequent problem for your kid, then it is possible that he/she is suffering from an unstable bladder. An unstable bladder is a problem that has many reasons including urinary tract infections and constipation that pressures the bladder. Check what your child eats and visit a pediatrician if possible.

2- Sometimes bedwetting is psychological problem, and just like other psychological problems, the more you push for a treatment the worse the case gets. Do not make your child feel bad or chide him for wetting the bed.

3- There is a handy little invention that does a world of goodness in the treatment of bed wetting and it is called moisture alarm. It starts ringing as soon as your kid wets the bed. With regular use, your child will develop his own internal alarm and wake up just before the moisture alarm rings getting rid of this bothersome habit.

4- Tell your kids to go to the bathroom right before they go to bed. Moreover, don’t let them drink anything right before their bedtime. Empty bladder equals no bed wetting.

5- Usually bed wetting happens when kids are quite young, like no older than four years old. So, if your kid turns five and he/she is still wetting the bed then there must be a certain reason for this problem. Visit a pediatrician to know if there is a problem that needs treatment.

the Habit of Bed Wetting

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