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How to Straighten Up Your Posture

A straight posture does not only improve how you look and give you charisma, it also improves your health. There are several signs of a faulty posture. For example, if you are standing straight and your ear is ahead of the middle of your shoulder, this means that your head is slouching forward. Check if you suffer from the following posture problems and learn how to overcome them:

1. Elevated Shoulder

Shoulder elevation is caused by weak under chest muscle. To fix this, sit straight while placing your hands palms down on the chair beside your hips. Lift your body up without moving your arms until your hips rise off the chair and stay like that for 5 seconds. Do this 12 times and repeat it twice to three times a day.

2. Forward Head

This problem is caused by stiff back of the neck muscles. Treat this posture problem by dropping your chin down to your sternum and stretch the muscles at the back of your neck then hold for 5 counts. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily.

3. Pigeon Toed Feet

A case of pigeon toes is a result of weak butt muscles. Lie on your side while bending your knees to a right angle and your heels touching. Raise your top knee of the bottom one without moving your hips and hold for 5 seconds before lowering your knee
back. Repeat this exercise 12 times on each side.

4. Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Tight hip flexors contribute to this tilt. Fix this problem by kneeling on one knee while bending the other knee forward and putting its foot on the floor. Push forward to feel a stretch in your hip. Tighten your gluten muscles on the side of the kneeled knee until your hip stretches with comfort. Extend the arm of the kneeled side up and stretch it to the other side and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat three times for each side.

How to Straighten Up Your Posture

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