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How To Stop Taking Antidepressants

Many of us experience depression at different phases of our lives, some of us experience it light and it goes away quickly while others may experience it serious and requires a treatment.

Almost 10% of the women over 18 years old take antidepressants and it actually act as a miraculous cure in their lives which drive physicians to prescribed it for an even longer period of time and people usually don’t complain too much about the side effect at the beginning, while the side effects of antidepressants are not install too strong,

they can flare up after a long period of using antidepressants and can be even worse than your depression, side effects of depression include insomnia, decreased libido, humiliations, Drowsiness and headaches. leaving antidepressants should take place slowly and with a plan sat by your physical as you can end up with continuing symptoms if you stop it all of a sudden by yourself.

1- Slow And Steady Is The Key.

If you want to stop antidepressants, consult your doctor and take it slowly, do not come in one day and say you need to stop antidepressants because you feel better now as the depression symptoms can actually recur, it is advisable to co tongue on the treatment plan for at least nine month before you think to quit and if you have repeated symptoms of depression then continue taking antidepressants for two years, although quitting is good for you, don’t so it when you are under a stressful life situation.

2- Have A Plan.

After you decided to stop taking antidepressants, have a plan with your physician to reduce the dosage slowly , consider reducing the number of pills you are taking every week or every day and have a conference in which you note your mood swings, ups and down, this calendar will help you in understanding if your plan is working or not.

3- Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is another effective way to wean off antidepressants, researchers found that Psychotherapy helped patients to get off of antidepressants in a shorter frame of time as and also prevent reassurance.

How To Stop Taking Antidepressants

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