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How To Start Your Own Garden

Gardening is one of the most interesting hobbies you can do, cover a bare path with green is a wonderful way to decorate your home and invest your effort in something that will come back with a lot of benefits for you, starting your own garden is easy and interesting, you just need to get the idea solid in your head, prepare yourself, read the following and you can start your own garden right away. Let us see what you need to know to start your own garden.

•Plane Your Garden Well First.

Before you start digging in the ground look at the space you have and set your priorities, that way you will be able to avoid over planting your garden and so you will be able to take better care of your plants.
– make your decision which herbs, flowers, fruits or vegetables you want to grow in your garden and learn what environmental conditions those plants need. Also examine the environmental elements in your garden such as how much sunshine come to your garden daily? If there is any strong winds or if it is too cold.

• Examine Your Soil.

Before you start planting anything check your soil and find out the texture whether it is sandy, rocky, clay or silky, that will make you able to have a clear idea of what you can grow and what you can’t.
You also need to determine the pH level of your soil, plants may not be able to absorb nutrition’s in the wrong type of pH soil.

• Buy The Needed Tools.

Starting your garden will require a few tools, make sure the tools that you purchase are of high quality to last you for long time, you will need tools like rakes, pruners, shovels, garden forks and spades.

• Start Small.

When you planning your garden it is important to start small, decide to grow a few plants at first and see how you handle it, over planting your garden may be hard for you to look after specially if you are a beginner or you are a very busy person, opt to buy one packet of seeds and share it with other people as even one packet would be too much for your to handle.

• Choose Companion Planning.

Companion planting will help your plants to grow well together and provide benefit to each other, it will also improve your soil and allow your plants to absorb more nutrients.

• Fertilize Regularly.

Choose organic fertilizers to increase the nutrients in your soil, the thing that will make your plants grow stronger and in a better way.
Make sure to read the label of your fertilizer brand in order to learn the proper dosage needed for each plant and which plants need different nutrients.
Also different plants may need more fertilizing the others.

• Take Good Care Of Your Plants.

Once you see your plants start growing you will need to provide proper care by regularly watering but make sure not to over do it, the soil much be constantly moist but not drenched with water.
Water your plants either in early morning or in the evening and avoid water when the sun is up hot.
Water often during the hot days of summer.
Regularly remove the dry and dead leaves and weeds.

How To Start Your Own Garden

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