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How to Spot Nutritional Deficiencies

Being on a rush and neglecting contents of diets lead to the spread of problems caused by nutritional deficiencies. You can recognize the vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies that you have by noticing the symptoms mentioned here. After that, look for diets that provide these essentials or ask your physician to provide the proper supplements.

1. Legs.

Legs are all about supporting our weight and moving us around which are not easy tasks. In case you experience tender calf muscles or brisk knee reflexes that trouble your comfort, check for magnesium deficiency as each of these conditions is symptom.

2. Heart.

Heart conditions no matter what they are must be taken seriously. If you have heart problems such as irregular beat or high blood pressure, then be on the look for deficiencies of magnesium and Co-Q-10. Away from deficiencies, heart problems can also be related to sensitivity to caffeine.

3. Eyes.

In case your little blond boy with blue eyes is hyperactive, then he is probably missing magnesium, vitamin B6 and some essential fatty acids. As for other eye related symptoms, cataracts show chromium deficiency or excess free radicals. Dark rings under eyes or bags are common conditions; they are often linked to food intolerances or allergies.

4. Mouth.

Beauty products which are used to adorn lips shouldn’t be considered as solutions to cover up lips and mouth problems. When facing sore tongue and lips with peeling of lips, or cracked lips then you are facing vitamin B2 deficiency. Different conditions of the tongue are also symptoms of different deficiencies. For example, a pale fissured tongue signifies iron deficiency but if the fissured tongue is sore and painful, it signifies B3 deficiency. While if the tongue was smooth and painful, there might be folic acid deficiency. Food intolerances leave the popular symptoms of a swollen tongue with lateral teeth indentations.

5. Skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and can show different symptoms on different places. One annoying skin symptom is stretch marks which are caused by zinc deficiency. Taking too much beta carotene will make your palms yellow. If there are spontaneous bleeds on skin, causes might be deficiency of platelets, vitamin K or vitamin C.

6. Hands.

Shaking hands of different people will tell you that some hands are colder than others. Cold hands show symptoms of magnesium deficiency, chronic fatigue with low cardiac output or hypothyroidism.

7. Nails.

French manicuring healthy nails will surely feel much better than hiding symptoms that our nails speak to us about our bodies. Nail symptoms are often related to mineral deficiencies. White spots and ridges help us detect low zinc. Brittle soft nails are caused by magnesium deficiency.

8. Face.

A lot of personality is featured in the face and we all care to show the best sides of our personalities. One bothering condition of the skin of the face is when the skin is greasy, scaly and red especially at the sides of the nose. This case will help you spot vitamin B2 deficiency.

9. Throat.

The thyroid is one of the most important lines of defense in the body. When faced by thyroid swelling then realize that you either have iodine deficiency or hypothyroidism. Apart from being painful, thyroid swelling can cause a lot of problems if not dealt with as soon as possible.

To conclude, by noticing the symptoms mentioned above, you will get to know what you need to add to your diet. Knowledge is power only when you put it into use. Hence, don’t ignore any symptom that your body is telling you because its cause can affect other body parts.

How to Spot Nutritional Deficiencies

How to Spot Nutritional Deficiencies How to Spot Nutritional Deficiencies How to Spot Nutritional Deficiencies

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