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How To Spot Fake Honey With Simple Tricks?

Picking up the cheapest honey in the grocery stores will mean that you are not buying pure honey despite the false advertisements and labels.
A recent Safety News public research provided very worrying facts about the honey found in the stores.
Up to 76% of the honey found in supermarkets were collected and subjected to ultrafiltiring which is the process to remove impurities like wax pieces and pollen.
Manufacturers say that the filtering process is important to prevent crystallization and increase the shelf life for the product, however most of the consumers are unaware that the pollen is incredibly important for our health.

Another strong reason to avoid this process is to be able to trace and determine the geographical origin of this honey because in cases of pollen contamination, the origin of the honey should be traced and analyzed.

For example, Chinese honey comes from contaminated pollen with illegal antibiotics and traces of heavy metals, the origin of the Chinese honey is always unknown as well.

In addition, there are types of honey get mixed by manufacturers with glucose and those are poor in quality and nutrition.

– Here are a few ways you can recognize fake honey that lacks pollen.

. If you keep you honey in the fridge and it doesn’t crystalize over time then there is a high likelihood that this honey is contaminated, pure honey should crystalize with time in the fridge.

. Always make sure to read the labels on the honey, products that contain glucose or high fructose corn syrups should be avoided.

. Get a glass of water and add a few drops of iodine in the water then drop a spoon of honey in the water, if the honey gets blue then it has been mixed with cornstarch.

. Mix water and honey in a glass and add a teaspoon full of white vinegar, if you notice foam that means your honey is contaminated with plaster.

. Try burning your honey with phosphorus or matches, if the honey ignites then it is pure.

. Take a glass of water and put a spoon of honey in it, if it doesn’t dissolve then it is pure, fake or poor quality honey dissolve fast in water.

– Here are some brands of honey that don’t contain pollen.

Some honey packages of KFC and MacDonald’s honey don’t contain pollen.

Honey brand Winnie the Pooh that can be found at Walmart doesn’t contain pollen.

Target and Sam’s Club the honey brands don’t contain pollen.

How To Spot Fake Honey With Simple Tricks

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