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How To Slim Down In Only Ten Days

The following are a few effective and safe tips to help you slim down in as little as ten days only, you don’t have to loose too much weight, however you will look much slimmer for sure so read on.

1- Eliminate Red Meats From Your Diet : Red meats and pork products are more difficult than poultry and fish to digest, they can stay in your digestive system for days and cause bloating and gastrointestinal problems, this try to replace the red meats with chicken, fish and tofu.

2- Eat Alot Of Fiber : Make sure your diet is rich with fiber to make sure your system is functioning properly, you can do that by adding more fruit, vegetables and whole grains to your daily diet.

3- Drink More Herbal Teas And Water : Make sure to sip on herbal teas and specially green tea and water throughout the day as much as possible, these fluids will keep you full and improve your metabolism rate.

4- Eat In Smaller Plates : When you are enjoying a delicious meal with your family, make sure the portion you are eating is just enough to satisfy your hunger and not too much, eating in smaller plates and slower can help you eat less and feel satisfied faster.

5- Walk : Instead of getting on your car and driving to work, unless your work place is really far, get on your athletic shoes and walk to work and back home everyday, this should keep your heart rate high and boost your fat burning mechanism.

6- More Cardiovascular Exercises : Cardiovascular exercises is one fast and effective way to slim down in a short time, your body will make use of all that fat stored and slow down the storage of new fat cells.
How To Slim Down In Only Ten Days

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