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How To Save Money On Electricity Bills

Are you tired of spending your hard earnings on electricity bills every month? Have you been trying to save electricity but still you don’t save that much? There are many valid reasons why we all should start saving electricity, saving the enviroment is a great reason to start saving electricity and it is as important as saving money.
Here are a few ways you can save electricity.

1- Use CFL Bulbs .

Researches proved that using CFL bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs help to save up to 60% of your electricity usage and they also give a brighter light, moreover, these CFL bulbs such as LED and halogens last longer than the other conventional bulbs.

2- Seal Your Cooling And Heating Ducts.

The ducts that are fitted in the center of air conditioning units, air furnace or heat pumps are huge energy wasters when they start to leak, insulating the duct won’t only save electricity but also will enhance the cooling or heating efficiency of the system by almost 20%, use foil tapes or mastic to seal the ducts.

3- Unplug Unused Appliances and Switch Of Unused Light Bulbs.

Make sure to unplug any appliance or electrical machine that is not being used, leaving it in a stand by mode still consume electricity, especially silly air conditioning units. Also turn off any light that is not being used, and let the sun enlighten your house in the day time instead of fluorescent bulbs.

4- Get Energy Efficient Windows.

Installing energy efficient windows is an effective solution to save some bucks on your electricity bill, these windows are well sealed thus they maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

5- Use Gas Stove Rather Than Electric One.

Use the gas stove and oven to cook your meals rather than using electronic appliances like kettle or oven, especially the electronic oven consume so much energy, so switch to a gas one.

6- One Hour For The Water Heater.

There is no need the water heaters should be running all day long, you can only switch them on one hour in the day and the water will remain hot for the whole day whenever you need it.

7- Install a Programmable Thermostat.

This idea is ideal for people who stay away from their homes during the week, by properly using a pre-programmed settings in the programmable thermostats you will be able to save a good amount t of energy yearly.

How To Save Money On Electricity Bills

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