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How to Get a Restful, Refreshing Nap

Did you know that naps can improve your heart health, memory, creativity and mood? If you are one of the people who can just sleep soundly midday even though you are desperate for some rest, you’ve made it to the right article. Here are easy to follow tricks to get your healthy dose of nap time:

1. Prepare your slumber place

Provide the suitable conditions needed for a nap starting from darkness by switching off the lights and closing the curtains, to a piece of furniture that you can lie on. It is possible to sleep while sitting up but it takes more than have the time to do so.

2. Don’t sleep between 45 to 90 minutes

After 45 minutes of sleep you start going through a slow-wave cycle until you complete a whole sleep cycle at the 90 minutes mark. Hence, if you wake up at the middle of the slow-wave cycle, you wake up grumpy and more tired than you would have felt if you haven’t taken that nap. Either sleep less than 45 minutes, or complete a whole sleep cycle of 90 minutes to wake up refreshed.

3. Keep nap time away from night bed time

The closer the time of your catnap to the time of your bed time, the harder it will be to sleep at night. The optimal time for a nap would be in the mid-afternoon.

4. Determine the goal you want from catching a nap

If your aim of napping is to improve your coordination and concentration, a 20 minutes siesta would do the job. In case you want to enhance your creative side or make up for the missed hours of sleep from last night, go for a full 90-minute sleep cycle.

5. Use white noise

Switching a fan or having a fountain in the room may help you relax and sleep easier.

How to Get a Restful, Refreshing Nap

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