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How to Replace a Bad Breath with a Fresh One

A dark spot can be concealed with a little makeup, a bad hair day can be fixed with a hat but a bad breath cannot be easily hidden. Having a bad breath is both annoying and embarrassing but it can be lost by a little change in habits as following:

1. Hydrate Your Mouth

Lack of saliva and a dry mouth are causes of bad breath and tooth decay. Keep your mouth hydrated by drinking sufficient water daily. In case you live in an area of low humidity, moisturize the air inside your home with a humidifier. Sugar-free chewing gum and hard candy will make you produce more saliva.

2. Make Brushing and Flossing a Habit

Using a tooth pick is not enough to get rid of food left in your oral cavity. Bad breath is usually caused by plaque that builds on your teeth and cannot be removed except with regular brushing and flossing. Brush gently in order not to erode your teeth and make them prone to decay.

3. Quit Smoking

The harms of smoking are a handful and having a bad breath is the least of them. Lose the habit and save your teeth, gums, lungs and breaths. Starting your quitting plan with nicotine patches will make you enjoy a fresher breath and encourage you to stay off the cigarettes.

4. Replace Mints with Sugarless Gum

When you put a sugary mint in your mouth after a meal, you temporarily get a fresh breath. However, after some time, bacteria living in your mouth will use the sugar to make acid which damages teeth and causes bad breath. The best replacement would be sugarless gum.

5. Stay Away from Foods That Cause Bad Breath

No matter how much you brush and use mouthwash, the breath you get after eating onion or garlic doesn’t go away. That is because their contents enter your bloodstream and reach your lungs. Avoid such foods before meeting other people.

How to Replace a Bad Breath with a Fresh One

How to Replace a Bad Breath with a Fresh OneHow to Replace a Bad Breath with a Fresh One

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