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How to Remove Water from Your Ear

Did water enter your ear while swimming or when you tilted your head in the shower? No matter how the water entered your ear, it is surely uncomfortable to have it in there. Extra fluid in the ear is not just annoying; it can also cause ear problems and infection if it is left inside for too long. If water enters the ear canal and clog the ear, problems such as itching, ringing, reduced hearing and pain can arise. That is why you should learn how to get rid of water in your ear by reading this article. Most of the mentioned remedies in this article are home remedies that can make your ear feel comfortable as soon as possible.

1. Lie on the side of the ear that you want to get water out of with your head hanging outside the bed. This way you are allowing gravity to take a pull at the water.

2. Shake your head from side to side then bring the side with the affected ear down to your shoulder and hit the other side with your hand. This force may make the water come out.

3. Use a dropper to put 2 to 3 drops of rubbing alcohol inside the affected ear then wait for a couple of seconds before bending your head so that the ear is directed towards the ground. Then, you may feel the water pouring out of your ear.

4. This might be counterintuitive but if you don’t have rubbing alcohol, you can use a dropper to drop some water inside your ear then wait for 3 to 3 seconds before tilting your head to the opposite side and waiting for the water to drain out.

5. You can dry the water inside your ear using a hair dryer. Direct the dryer close to your ear and the heat of the air will evaporate the water. Be careful not to burn yourself with this technique.

6. Bend your head so the side of the affected ear is down then push your finger inside it as much as possible and then remove it quickly. The pressure would create vacuum that will make a suction force which will move the water out of your ear.

7. You can make a drying solution by mixing 50% acetic acid or vinegar with 50% isopropyl alcohol. Use a cotton swab or a dropper to drop 2 or 3 drops of the solution into the affected ear. The solution would slacken ear wax which might be preventing water from getting out.

8. The easiest thing to do is just sleep on your side all night and wait for the water pour out of your ear and see it on the pillow in the morning.

9. If you decide to choose an over-the-counter medicine, explain your symptoms to the pharmacist to help you choose an appropriate remedy.

10. When you try all of the above ways to get rid of water that is stuck in your ear and none of them work, you consult a doctor for medical advice. This way you can get a prescription with an antibiotic and decongestant that would eliminate any infection and remove all excess fluids.

Remember that you should do all what you can to get the water out of your ear as soon as possible. Otherwise, if infection sets in your ear, it can result in permanent damage to your hearing that cannot be easily treated. After all, being blessed with a sense such as hearing is something we cannot replace, or how else would we enjoy listening to the voices of our loved ones and be entertained with the sound of music?

How to Remove Water from Your Ear

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