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How to Reduce Noise Pollution with 6 Efficient Ways

When you are under stress, your body releases a hormone known as cortisol. Studies have shown that too much noise would trigger the body to produce this same hormone leaving you feeling stressed out. Living under a noisy environment, like near traffic noise, results in an increased risk of heart attack up to 12%. It gets worse when the problem resides at night affecting your sleep. It also increases the chances of ADD in kids. Moving to a quieter area to live in may be a little complicated; therefore, we came up with different ways to reduce noise pollution:

1. Invest in Soundproofing : It’s always a good idea to invest in soundproof walls and ceilings to block out noise from the outside. A double-pane window will also do the job.

2. Close the Windows : Keep your windows shut as they are just portholes to noise on the outside. However, you can let some breeze in during the calm hours of the day and during the evening.

3. Rugs and Carpets Diminish the Noise : Buying rugs and spreading out wall-to-wall carpets considerably reduce the amount of noise in your house.

4. Put Up a Fence : Installing a fence in front of your house is a good way to block out both hearing and viewing the source of noise. Besides, it would be a nice embellishment for the house.

5. Buy Noise-Canceling Headphones : When you put on noise-canceling headphones, it sucks up all the unwanted noise before it reaches your ears and cause unwanted nuisance. It may cost a bit, but it’s sure worth the investment.

6. Use Earplugs : If all fails, here comes the easiest and cheapest solution. Buying simple earplugs from the nearby drugstore is a healthy practical way to remarkably get rid of the noise anytime you prefer. Putting them on at night guarantees a restful, noise-free sleep.
How to Reduce Noise Pollution with 6 Efficient Ways

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