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How To Reduce Or Stop Your Hands Shakiness

Annoying hand shaking occurs as a symptom of many health conditions as well as anxiety or aging, it can also be caused as a side effect of certain medications, or it can be simply genetic, however the good new is that in most cases hand tremor can be easily reduced or even completely treated by following some essential tips alongside therapy treatments. Below are some useful tips on how to reduce and even stop your hands from shaking.

1- Quit Smoking.

If you are a smoker and you have lately been noticing your hands uncontrollably shaking then you should seriously consider to quit smoking, nicotine is a very powerfully negative effect on hand tremor and the whole nerve system of the body.

2- Check The Medications You Take.

Sometimes hand shaking can be a side effect of certain medication or a combination of different medications you take at the same time, consult this with your doctor he will be able to determine whether or not your shaky hands are caused by your medication.

3- Low Blood Sugar Levels.

Hand termor can also be caused by low levels of blood sugar when your body is deprived of energy and unable to feed your hands with enough blood. Eating too many sweet things can cause the blood sugar to spike then drop rabidly which can also cause this situation.

4- Reduce / Eliminate Alcohol.

Over consumption of alcohol can have a negative effect on your nerve system causing serious hands termor, if you find yourself drinking more than you should and your hands are shaking then its probably alcohol that’s causing it.

5- Reduce / Eliminate Caffeine.

One of the first steps you should take once you notice your hands shaking is to cut down on coffee or if you can reduce it to only one cup a day, caffeine stimulate the nerve system to a big extent which can create or worsen the problem of shaky hands as well as eye twitching, headaches, dizziness and anxiety which all contribute to hands termor.

6- Reduce Stress.

Stress, anxiety and tension are very common causes for hands termor, thus you should try to clear your mind from stress and find a positive way to deal with stressful situation, practicing a relaxing technique on regular bases could help you so much achieving that, consider ten minutes of meditation or yoga everyday.

7- Get Help From Your Doctor .

Consult your doctor about your condition with hands termor and ask him for medications that can help reducing or completely treating the problem.

8- Increase Your Intake Of The Following Vitamins.

Vitamin B12:- vitamin B12 is essential in maintain a healthy functionality for the nerve system, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause many serious nerve system disorders such as body imbalance, hands termor, muscles weakness and memory loss.

Vitamin B1:- vitamin B1 is needed in nourishing your nerves while protecting them against damage, deficiency of vitamin B1 cause dementia, nerve damage, hand termor, confusion and muscle weakness

Vitamin B6:- Vitamin B6 is another important vitamin that support and enhance the proper functionality of the nerve system.

Vitamin E:- vitamin E is also very important for the wellbeing of the nerve system, deficiency of vitamin E can lead to body imbalance, hands shakiness, loss of coordination, numbness in the limps and muscle weakness.

How To Reduce Or Stop Your Hands Shakiness

How To Reduce Or Stop Your Hands Shakiness

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